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Unit 1 Discovering useful structures:16张PPT
新人教必修一 U1 Teenage Life
Discovering useful structures
The first week was a little confusing.
The building is so big that I’m completely lost.
The kids over there are putting something on a round paper plate.
Linda thinks and speaks quite quickly, and she can do well in the debate.
The new coach told me that I didn’t play well enough.
My first French class was very confusing. The teacher spoke so fast!
(1) 形容词在句中作定语, 表语, 宾语补足语。 例如:
Our country is a beautiful country. (作定语)
The fish went bad. (作表语)
We keep our classroom clean and tidy. (作宾语补足语)
(2) 形容词修饰something, anything, nothing, everything等不定代词时,形容词放在名词后面。
  I have something important to tell you.
  Is there anything interesting in the film.
The poor, the homeless, the young, the old, the disabled等
The rich should help the poor.
(1) 副词在句中可作状语,永乐娱乐KG开元棋牌:表语和定语。
He studies very hard. (作状语)
Life here is full of joy. (作定语)
When will you be back (作表语)
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