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新必修一 U1 Teenage Life
teenage teenager
adj. ?十几岁的
the teenage years
teenage girls / boys
n. ?十几岁的青少年
a person who is between 13 and 19 years old
n. ?志愿者, 志愿兵
Schools need volunteers to help children to read.
volunteer to do sth.
to offer to do something without expecting any reward, often something that other people do not want to do
Helen volunteered to have Thanksgiving at her house this year.
n. ?辩论,66影视下载网: 讨论
v. ?辩论, 争论, 讨论
to discuss sth, especially formally, before making a decision or finding a solution
an argument or discussion expressing different opinions
The question of the origin of the universe is still hotly debated (= strongly argued about) by scientists.
Whether he deserves what has happened to him is open to debate.
n. ?内容,容纳的东西
v. ?使满足
adj. ?满足的, 满意的
the subject matter of a book, speech, programme
happy and satisfied with what you have
be content with?满足于
be content to do?甘愿做某事
the content of the article?文章内容
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